Why animal protein can be dangerous for men

Harmful effects of animal meat

A new study has found that the diet rich in animal protein and meat is not a good choice for men’s health. The study published in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’, pointed that men who preferred animal protein over a plant-based diet suffered from a greater risk of death than men having a more balanced diet.

02/4What study says?

What study says?
Men with a diet rich in animal protein and meat such as sausages and cold cuts could be at a greater risk of death. The study found that a high overall intake of dietary protein was associated with a greater risk of death in men who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

03/4The findings

The findings
According to the study, men, whose protein source was animal-based had a 23 per cent higher risk of death. The participants in the research mainly had red meat intake. The analyses focused on the associations of dietary protein and protein sources with mortality during the follow-up and other lifestyle factors and dietary habits were extensively controlled for, including the fact that those eating plenty of plant-based protein followed a healthier diet.


According to researchers, these findings should not be generalized to older people who are at a greater risk of malnutrition and whose intake of protein often remains below the recommended amount.

Author: Ayaan