Career thoughts and inventory: How to effectively use it to know what you are best at


Assessing your ‘thoughts inventory’ could give you a big leap forward towards career development. The journey towards career satisfaction does not come without its ups and downs. This scenario is not something that is unusual. What must be noted is that the level of success depends on how you manage your thoughts and the ‘thought reservoir’ that is within you.

Everyone must be aware that positive thoughts always bring progress and success, while negative ones do not lead one to success. What really matters in the career development scenario is that you manage your positive thoughts and increase their influence on your career.

It is very common to witness many youngsters found wanting in this aspect since they are unable to focus on their ‘positive thoughts quotient’. This eventually brings down their confidence levels and they miss out on promising opportunities. Working with your thoughts is the foundation which could empower you to come to terms with the requirements of a professional career.

The ‘career thoughts inventory’, as a concept, has assumed great significance over the years. It could be effectively used by individuals to know their identity in terms of skills and traits, list out the possible career-related problems, identify the challenges and finally, work on the negative thoughts that could hinder them. I would like to suggest the following areas for the youth to work on:

Improve self-knowledge
The start to any career inventory begins from your own self-knowledge in terms of positive thoughts that motivate you towards a successful career.

Occupational knowledge
This signifies the orientation of the scenario in terms of checks and balances and serves as the benchmark in the growth of your career.

Decision making
The various behavioural aspects that are associated with decision making, which ought to be groomed and strengthened for enriching one’s career development.

Professional processing
Execution of activities that are necessary for making career development successful in an organised and professional manner.


Author: Ayaan